After years of in-person sales, the Krash Design team was ready to take their shop online. Without a robust development team to maintain the site long-term, its owners were in search of an easy-to-use interface that they could keep updated simply.

I worked with their team to not only shape a brand new logo and brand kit, but to also fully extend the new styling into a brand new Squarespace site. Squarespace is not our typical go-to build – but it had some incredible solutions for this unique situation. The management of the site on Squarespace is straightforward and simple. On a relatively quick timeline, we were able to build not only a core site with marketing and business information, but also incorporated a simple blog and a robust eCommerce shop. The shop includes simple inventory management, checkout processes, shipping, taxes and a payment portal all seamlessly linked in.

The use of Squarespace also eliminated the need for the Krash Design team to be able to manage their hosting, domain and website backend in the years to come. The complete managed service was a real win for the team and we’re thrilled with the final design results.