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There are a bajillion amazing organizations and causes in the world that are more than worthy of your time, love and help. This is where I’ve been putting my ❤ lately. You’re always welcome to join in. at Kansas City Fashion Week • Kansas City, Missouri

Community LINC is a not-for-profit organization that aims to end family homelessness for this generation and the next. Over the past 30 years, Community LINC has served 4,246 families with 14,000 individuals, including 9,300 children with shelter or programming – changing the lives of homeless families in Kansas City.

How I like to help
  • Spread the word
  • Design data visuals
  • Donate home goods
  • Adopt a family
  • Attend events
  • Contribute to fundraisers

Southwest Kansas Wildfire Relief with the Kansas Livestock Foundation • Bucklin, Kansas

In March 2017, wildfires devastated southwest Kansas including areas of Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. As the fire raged through the farms, homes and businesses of our friends and family – we found gratitude for the safety of our loved ones and the heroes of the weeks that followed. Farmers across the nation rallied to deliver hay, milk, food, fencing materials and more – helping residents to maintain the livestock, farms and livelihoods that were spared.

How I like to help

While visiting to assist with documentation, I captured a number of photos of the smoky skies and damaged land. Prints of the photos are still available for sale today with 100% of the proceeds supporting the Kansas Livestock Foundation.

  • Assist in disaster relief efforts
  • Donate funds
  • Assist efforts in other states and disaster areas
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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Young Friends of Art • Kansas City, MO, United States

Young Friends of Art offers a number of opportunities for young professionals to get involved in museum events and fundraisers. Funds raised keep the museum free to the public while also supporting art events, kids’ programs, school tours and more.

How I like to help
  • 2018 Muse at the Museum Chair
  • 2017 Muse at the Museum Vice Chair
  • 2016 summer party committee – marketing
  • YFA fundraiser attendance
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