The ladies at Krash Design came to me with a stamp that they wanted to use for their logo. The problem: they didn’t have a digital version. The time had come make it more functional for their growing business.

I started with a live trace of the original stamp. After a little clean up of the outlines, I added fresh text in a font that reflected the original design. The look was pretty, but lacked the refinement needed for frequent logo use and duplication. To create a more sleek and updated version, I used the pen tool to manually trace the flowing stems. Then, adjusted the weight and line shapes to add a delicate movement to the wreath. From there, I reconfigured the logo into various wide and square shapes for dynamic use. With a splash of color, the new Krash Design brand is revealed!

You can see the full process in the time-lapse videos that were recorded during the design phase of this project. Not only was it a wonderful project to work through with the Krash team, but I am incredibly excited to share a glimpse behind the scenes of how logo creation happens. Take a peek!

The designer walk-through