Nice Pizza

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At the perfect half way point between Dustin’s office and my own, we found Pizza Bella (literally nice pizza).

Honestly, I was starving so the criteria for this pick were summarized by “I want food” and “it’d be nice to see you.” Their new location just off of I-435 in Leawood took care of both.

We rolled up around 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday. Finding parking was a breeze with spaces on both the west and south sides of the building. Walking in, I noticed the beautiful design and texture to the space – concrete, dark wood, exposed bolts – followed by that new building smell.

We sat at a nice little table not far from the door. Dustin had a bench seat. I was in a very comfortable modern chair. The thick wooden table between us reflected the slatted wood panels that ran horizontally behind him. Very clean. Very natural.

We skimmed over the letterpress menus and each picked a beer ($4+) and pizza ($12+) – KC’s own Boulevard Wheat draft, a FreeState Wheat bottle, one Margherita pizza and the other Chorizo. We later found out that their happy hour included my Boulevard at 1/2 price and our Margherita for only $8. Yay!

What came to us was nothing short of amazing.

Our hand-tossed wood fired pizzas popped beautifully against their white pizza plates. The Margherita was covered with globs of gooey mozzarella, sweet garlic and phenomenal tomato sauce while the Chorizo held a spicy punch next to large bites of creamy ricotta. The crust had the perfect crunch with a hint of fresh-from-the-fire flavor. Delicious combinations!

We had more than enough for the two of us and ended up boxing 3 slices to go. Let me tell you, the leftovers are just as good as the real deal. With the happy hour special, our bill came out to $28 and some change plus a well-earned tip for our incredibly kind waitress. Well worth it in my book. Pizza Bella will definitely join our list of regular restaurants especially for that end-of-the-workday fix!