The process of process

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Development of a new process is rarely straightforward. On the surface, you can simply change what you’re doing. Do it differently. Continue doing it differently and the process has, effectively, changed.

Sure enough, at a small scale, this application of change works. Especially where rapid iteration is necessary without clear measurement or next step. However, a key component of the evolution is left unconsidered – the impact of the change – making this process for change, in and of itself, inefficient.

Processes and how they evolve has become a huge segment of my career in experience design. Layer in marketing influences and the entire perspective quickly takes on a position of creative engineering. This holistic approach to problem solving encourages the evolution of process guided by efficiency in driving impact of the target result.

That’s a wordy way of saying that:

  • Process creates efficiency
  • Efficiency amplifies impact
  • Impact justifies process

And so the cycle continues as the process of process.

My latest series of blog posts breaks down the process of process, how we measure and how we evolve. In these posts, you’ll discover a foundation for taking action to evolve your own processes. You can also take a peek at some of my favorite resources that will help you to work through and even provide solutions to the hurdles you’re currently facing.

  • Measuring process efficiency
  • Steps to evolve a process
  • Evolution in action
  • Process tools and resources

As always, if you run into hurdles, have questions or want to add your thoughts to these theories – shout at me on Twitter @lauranoll.