Laura’s 2015 to 2019 logo redesign

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Without a doubt, one of the hardest creative challenges I ever face is redesigning my personal brand. Every piece of my day-to-day is dedicated to making brands around the world look epic. Whether its written content, graphic designs, video, marketing materials or beyond – I invest my time and talents in building up those amazing brands.

My own, though, is typically lacking. There is a real world in which creatives are flooded by information. When it comes time to create, having too many facts in mind can be paralyzing. This is the precise feeling I have when creating my own imagery. By far, the one I’ve invested most in building for myself was MARKETMOX.

Recently, I created a pretty fantastic new logo for my friend Emily at Emily Ackart Fitness. As I put the final touches on her new mark, I realized I didn’t have a logo of my own to update the credits of the brand kit. Instead, I just typed in “Laura Noll LLC” and went on my way.

Friends, that is boring and ridiculous. It was only a matter of minutes before I had a new mark for myself. I just couldn’t stand it. Let me tell you – never expect that a design will only take minutes. This was an emergency. It should have been better thought out. But, on a whim, I took inspiration from the former MARKETMOX logo and turned it into what it should have been all along – Laura Noll.

The new mark is built of two abstract triangles – movement and unpredictability. The pair hint at the mountains – one of my few true loves – while also reflecting the symmetrical ‘crown’ of my original MARKETMOX design.

The colors are a cool lively blue and green that push toward yellow. They’re balanced in the palette by a fiery orange and clean white. Punchy imagery spotlights travels and my obsession with in-the-wild patterns. For a fast and furious brand, I’m in love.

You can spot the new design all across my site and blog. If by some lovely magic we’re working together, you’ll see it in a few fabulous emails and subtle details there too. Generally – this logo is me. It’s a wink and a smile and a “hey, we should make something cool together!”