Day 4: “Let the pumas have me”

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From the journal
As I travel, I keep a journal. This post is straight from the source – documenting the moments as I experienced them. It has been recorded on the blog on the date it was originally written.

Today – Day 4 – is one for the books. This book specifically.

In a significantly improved mood and turn of events, we took off for a sunrise hike at 4 am. This time, we hiked all the way up to the three wise men. A killer 2.5 hours up.

I wanted to die.

Let the pumas have me.

Every muscle in my legs was completely finished, yet somehow, we made it.

We sat high on the rocks to soak it all in – hoping to see a glimmer of sunrise. The clouds had other ideas – but it didn’t matter.

Aaron kept insisting that we go to this empty area. I was so tired. I told him to go ahead. He grumped and I unenthusiastically followed. We set up the camera to take a photo and, in the 10-second timer, I ran/tripped across boulders to crash into him.

He pulled me upright, then knelt down and asked me to marry him.

Naturally, I was still mid-“what?! no!” trying to salvage our picture. A fast “yes!” later – he pulled out one of my costume jewelry rings saying 1) we need to pick something and 2) you can’t bring the real thing hiking. Fair enough.

Today has been stunning. And oddly in our favor – the hike to Centrale felt decent. We found bus passes, pesos and more pizza.

The whole scheduling change up and exhaustion really amplified things yesterday. Today was weirdly serene by comparison – both of us in our element and helping each other. It made me love everything about our lives in this moment. I mean, I already did, but damn this is incredible.