Emily Ackart is a stand-out small business owner that exemplifies the collision of passion and hustle. Seeing the surge of ineffective MLM-style fitness sold to women in her community, Emily decided to help each woman “find her strong” with her workout and diet programs designed for long-term fitness. It was clear to her that fitness could not be a flash-in-the-pan challenge or starved-for-results approach – and women needed a place to confidently turn for support in pursuing a more effective fitness journey.

Emily’s approach to the market needed a logo and brand as strong as her business and customers. We jumped in with clean lines, illustrations and bold colors to create an inverse mark that added strength and stability to her brand. Sleek lines within the mark allowed for a more feminine feel than many strong/fitness logos in the wild. And, we paired the mark with a clean sans-serif type that further pushed the balance of masculine and feminine. The result: a resounding scream of approval from Emily and her clients.

We finished the brand with a color palette that allowed for playfulness, punchiness and peacefulness alongside the strength of the logo. Emily Ackart Fitness – while fitness first – focuses on wellness overall, so it was important to allow for flexibility in the execution of the brand to allow for its evolution over time. We achieved exactly that and put this company on a beautiful path of changing the local fitness landscape.