I’ve had the absolute pleasure of brainstorming alongside the Diem team for years as we co-worked out of the same office. Often, we would gather around a whiteboard, throw around a billion ideas and settle them over lunch. The logo and brand processes weren’t all that different.

The team at Diem had some clear ideas of what they wanted to see in a logo design. Critical to them was the idea of a sun or orbit that marked the “day,” cycle and moment. They wanted the logo to translate to an identifiable app icon. And, they needed a color palette that could represent each of many categories within their app. We had to check the boxes not only for feel and story, but also UX and product evolution needs.

The end result was a mark that conveyed everything they wanted in meaning alongside a color palette and imagery inspiration that reflected “the journey.” As users would carry the Diem app along through their day, the palette would evolve to the changing colors of the sky as the sun rises, shines, fades and sets. This set the tone for a diverse implementation of the brand kit with ample room for further evolution and definition as needed.