The AdPredictive website has a beautiful story that spans the best of both HTML and WordPress worlds. The gorgeous set up solved a number of problems for the Kansas City startup’s online presence. At first, the crew needed a sleek, engaging homepage that would clearly introduce their brand and services. With a tough-to-understand offering, clarity in the content was absolutely key. So, we made a solid investment of time in ensuring each and every phrase was relevant, concise and helpful to the user. We chopped complicated ideas into easy-to-digest segment. And, finally, we built a 90-second illustrated video that explained the concepts discussed on the homepage.

Months later, AdPredictive was ready to add additional content and sections to their site. We chose to transition the HTML homepage into a WordPress installation so that new content could be easily managed by their staff. The new installation now offers AdPredictive incredible room for content growth while also allowing anyone within the team to edit pages without needing to be a developer. That’s a win-win-win in our book.