Revisiting the Everest Base Camp stories


Each time I travel, I stash a new journal and fresh pen in the depths of my pack. Within a couple of days of finding some peace – I usually have plenty to jot down.

The intention has always been to transcribe my entries into the blog. But, let’s be honest, the whirlwind return to reality never quite allows that to happen.

After the holiday, I’ve staked claim to my time and started diving back through some of my old written words.

The stories started flooding back.

I quickly realized, though, that my entries in my journal on the hike to Everest Base Camp breezed by many of the deeper stories and details that I thought I would want to tell. It hasn’t taken long to realize that I left myself breadcrumbs.

I wrote of all the necessary elements to allow myself to be transported back to that time – and recover all the truly exceptional detail I couldn’t possibly capture in my overwhelmed scribbles.

So here I am – reading my year-old journal and giggling in awe of the journey I get to relive again while sharing it with you.

The is more – much, much more – to come. Stay tuned for new photos, landing pages, stories, maps and all the coolest things I’ve failed to share while distracted by life. It’s time to capture them.

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