New brand designs for Emily Ackart Fitness

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It’s true that the worst cases of designer’s block result in the most beautiful new designs! Emily, a great friend and the owner of Emily Ackart Fitness, caught up with me last Fall to discuss logo ideas, marketing concepts and more. We quickly landed on a concept for her logo – incorporating weights that emphasize the strength training aspect of her business, but positioned at an angle to reflect the mountain biking passion she shares and talks about often.

The idea seemed flawless until I tried to move on to the next phase of design. Something was off. Something wasn’t clear. Then, in a flash, I started playing with the notch at the bottom right corner and the “roundiness” of the weights – everything visually changed.

The new logo strikes a beautiful balance between strong, bold and sleek. The round curves add a playful touch to an otherwise controlled and anchored image. The punches of color with a lively navy neutral make for a fun brand that stands out among the industry.

Bonus points: we recorded the entire awesome process in a fast-and-furious time lapse that shows off just how these iterations and design decisions evolve. Curious about your own design refresh? Check out our brand kits for more information!