Ogilvy is 5

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Years, around here, seem to fly by much too quickly. Adding the perfect punctuation to our holiday whirlwind, Ogilvy is 5.

Even I have a hard time believing that it has already been a year since we last celebrated his big day in the dog park of Aaron’s River Market apartment.

The last year has been a big one for us all – but Ogilvy especially. My big buddy now has two new doggo siblings, a new backyard and a face full of grays.

With our big family move last January, he was quickly forced to overcome his fear of stairs. Before we knew it, he was cruising up and down them – emphasizing the importance of getting to the food bowls first. True to form, he found a some underwear, towels and trash to eat and puke this year. I think Aaron is still in awe of some of that. Our horse-dog is also part goat.

The monster has been the happiest I’ve ever seen him to run and roll on the turfed yard of our new-to-us home. We found an awesome groove doing the things we’ve always loved – plenty of fetch and fire pits in the nice weather, plus shouting over the fence with our tiny-dog neighbor, Charlie.

And, there were road trips with the whole fam. Our old man is still figuring out how to share the backseat…and the front seats for that matter. Still – I’m always impressed when we manage to get the whole team out of the house in one big swoop.

He still steals the whole bed if you let him. He snuggles hard – but those snuggles are the best. He’ll expect you to hold him in your lap when you’re not even a little prepared. But man, we love him.

Happy, happy birthday, my Ogi. You’re forever my greatest buddy on the whole entire planet.