The logo and brand kit for We Love This Place was a project near to my heart. Traveling plays a huge role in our family and, for this project, I caught up with a Kansas City family that was preparing to travel the world for an entire year. While hopping between continents, they wanted to share their journey with friends and family. They had visions for a blog, interactive map, video editing – and they wanted it all marked by a sleek logo.

The process kicked off with inspiration sketches by everyone involved – including the kids. They hit on a lot of similar themes in their ideas, but had pretty distinct directions for how to create it. We explored them all! I drafted each of their designs in Illustrator. We met routinely to discuss, make adjustments to the concept and guide the entire brand to its final destination.

We arrived with an epic design of a globe inside of a heart paired with the logotype for added clarity. What we all loved most is the standalone capabilities of the heart – an absolutely perfect design for a sticker or t-shirt. In fact, shortly after we finished, the heart made it onto a skateboard to be forever loved and enjoyed.