The USDB Sales Store website completely transformed the business’s user experience online and made it possible for orders to actually be placed through a web interface. Before our build, the entire catalog of products could only be shopped via paper order form. With our help, all of that would change.

The store was a unique beast on its own. Products spanned four different vendors, but needed to coexist in shared categories. The most complete version of product information was a flattened PDF catalog that would need to be processed into a database. And – then – there was the sheer size of the thing.

The USDB Sales Store is home to more than 700 SKUs.

We tackled the project with grace – transitioning the entire inventory into a seamless WordPress-driven eCommerce experience. WordPress, once again, opened the door for non-developer vendors and shop owners to navigate the back end of the site for edits and additions to the inventory. New reporting tools gave managers an at-a-glance summary of the sales pipeline. Plus, the new checkout process was an instant hit with users.

The new site also left plenty of room for expansion as the store grows its online user base. When the time is right, we can easily add credit card payment portals, automated shipping quotes and more to the checkout!