The Plaza Street Partners team and I connected after they’d had some bad luck finding a contractor that could execute their needs and vision. With a clear outline and path for our projects, we set to work on the first foundational step – their brand and messaging. With momentum in their business, they’d already established a logo and style that they liked, but didn’t have a flexible way of using it. We explored several styling options, listened to the feedback of their leadership and established a brand kit with graphic accents, photography inspiration and additional options that would give them the flexibility to apply their brand across websites, signage, presentations and more.

Alongside our brand work, we also defined key messaging elements that would set the tone for presentations, pitches, online advertising and communications. Our messaging work included identifying the company’s primary values, positioning statement, core messaging pillars, key selling points and differentiation statements. While the implementation of these statements and phrases will vary, we ended the project with a leadership team that was overwhelmingly united on the direction, purpose and sentiment of companywide messaging.