Maven Minds is the podcast for leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators navigating uncharted territory in modern business.

The interview-style show takes you inside the minds of experts at every stage of business. Rapid pivots and long-term learnings. Ends, middles and beginnings. Go-all-ins and get-outs. Startups and start-overs. Fast fails and soaring successes. Quick wins and long hauls. We embrace the lessons of the entire journey, not just the successful ending – passing inspiration and insight to the next generation of innovators.

In 2022, I kicked off the show by conceptualizing the content, pitching and testing the concept, then creating the show, brand, artwork, website and more to serve as an online foundation for this new community of innovators including, Hallmark, AllTrails, Garmin and many more. I had the pleasure of interviewing an incredible lineup of business owners and leaders about their experiences. The learnings were epic – and I’m excited to continue the conversations in Season 2 in 2023.

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