The MARKETMOX brand was the fun and funky face to my contracting business for several years. When I stepped out of the corporate adtech space and started working with a variety of brands and business types, I wanted to represent myself and my services as a professional, holistic contributor to a hole that many organizations need filled: a mind that can connect the dots between business, product, design and communications. The MARKETMOX logo was born as a nod to the double M with a grounded structure that symbolized a way of bringing seemingly polarizing pieces of your business together. I added paint swatch artwork, backgrounds and gradients that both reflected the energy of my personality and perspective while also representing the “tools” needed for design and creation.

The entire brand embraced geometric shapes and patterns – leaning into my STEM experience, front-end development capability and enjoyment of working hand-in-hand with technical teams and engineers. The entire look was complemented with a notably obnoxious gold glitter effect that (while typically was limited to social media) really took the energy and excitement of the whole thing completely ridiculous level. My clients and I had so much fun with every single process and I know that when they returned to my brand, the feeling was visualized.