The AdPredictive Intelligence Manager interface is regularly touted by clients and prospects as “the best we’ve seen” within the customer intelligence marketplace. I’ve been fortunate to contribute to the wild evolution of this platform as both a contractor and AdPredictive leadership over the past 7 years. While we can’t dive into the nitty-gritty of the system out of respect for the brand’s rights and ownership – I can tell you that we’ve transformed the market with unmatched access to data and intelligence tools that give marketers full control of data, insights, IDs and capabilities.

In my time with the AdPredictive platform, I’ve led the team to:

  • Establish a routine design process while implementing nimble, modular concepts
  • Pursue rapid experiments in design, functionality, automated marketing and SaaS features
  • Solve for customer needs by working hand-in-hand with clients to enhance UX
  • Execute design sprints to uncover hurdles, prototype solutions and implement new approaches
  • Holistically innovate for the best evolution of our product leading the demands of the market
  • Improve usability and scale product-wide