With unmatched momentum in the product and business, the leadership at AdPredictive unanimously requested an update to the brand in 2021. The company’s previous logo had worked hard to represent the business over many years. As the marketplace had evolved, the style of the once stand-out logo had become commonplace and our brand no longer distinguished itself from competitors in the ways that our platform and business model did.

We worked through a number of concepts from varying angles of the business – but our ultimate logo selection was a very simple shift in the existing logo that I suggested with a clear purpose and story. Inspired by the former logomark, the new design leveraged a similar shape that was recolored, duplicated and layered with transparency. At the intersection of these shapes, we selected a sleek new font for our logotype.

AdPredictive is a customer intelligence company that layers together data sets connected graphed IDs to provide businesses with a clearer understanding of their customers, program watchers, in-store shoppers, ticket holders and more. For years, we’ve internally emphasized “simplicity” as a requirement of our work. What we do day-to-day is highly complex, but for our users, it needs to be simple, easy, accessible and impactful. It was our mission for the brand to reflect the same.

With a simple and impactful logo in place, I defined a further distinguishing color palette – then expanded our brand kit into full documentation of brand standards and design assets. As the head of design in the company – juggled against strategic, UX/UI and other hats to wear – it was important to establish consistency in the implementation of the new brand, but also make it accessible for our internal team to execute without my involvement. Using these standards, we’ve established templates for slide decks (client presentations, data studies, sales presentations, board decks, company pitches), sales one-sheets, social media graphics, reusable call-outs, graphic backgrounds, client logo lock-ups and beyond. Each of the elements was available in our shared drive as static and dynamic files, organized into custom Canva layouts and made available as quick-select presets within WordPress.

We continue to apply the brand standards business-wide with the ongoing refinement of the company’s website and a full component library that unites the user-facing platform with the sales and marketing look and feel. While implementation and evolution of the brand will be ongoing, we successfully transitioned from a long-standing logo with limited design context to a full brand standard that now permeates all projects companywide.[/columize]