My work with the AdPredictive launched as a contractor. They needed someone to build out their brand, support UX design and execute a cohesive look across both marketing/sales and their platform. We started by building out a brand story and look that expanded on their existing logo.

The logo was an edgy mark with a lot of rounded elements. As we worked through concepts, we discovered that the scrappy team resonated most with the sketched style of my earliest drafts. We embraced that and made it part of the “simple” story we told with the brand. The scribbled clusters represented the chaos of multiple data sources and the typical marketer’s challenge of not being able to see clearly through the complexities of big data and untrustworthy marketing insights. By comparison, AdPredictive could pull a smooth line and path from the madness – offering marketers a clear direction from whatever chaos they were facing. “We meet marketers where they are” became a common phrase used to quickly emphasize the story.

The artwork and brand inspiration quickly evolved to a brand video, website and carried on through many, many sales materials.