Reasons I’m crying

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With the little one on the way, my life has hilariously turned into a constantly growing list of the reasons I’m crying. This week:

People don’t truly understand press bias

Wednesday morning, Aaron decided to repost a ridiculous scholarly opinion piece on Facebook – to which I replied with a link to a fact checking/media bias website. This instigated an hour-long back and forth about politics, media bias and the underlying drivers of press today. Ultimately, it’s increasingly more important that consumers know where their content comes from and who is making money from it. Because they don’t (and because most people just don’t care), I started crying. It’s a complex and corrupt world out there.

‘A Dogs Purpose’ is too sad

Last weekend, we saw ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ and, before it, they previewed ‘A Dogs Purpose.’ Holy crapola. I was bawling in the first 15 seconds. Just when I thought I’d gotten away with it, Aaron looked over and immediately bust out laughing at the tears rolling down my face as I searched for another bite of my candy bar. I am definitely an emotional eater.

Online tests are stupid

With the end (or beginning) of one of the big secrets in close reach, I am wrapping up a series of online tests and finals. Today, the test I’m taking has an insane bug where it won’t report my score correctly and then it resets and won’t let me review if I made any mistakes. This has resulted in taking the test – not even exaggerating – at least 12 times. Bugs are the worst. Paying tons of money to experience shitty bugs that straight up will not let you finish one of the worst online education experiences of all time is down right hell. When I hit zero fucks left to give, I started crying.

It’s a hard knock life, you guys.