Justification for the Consumption of Not Water

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Monday has arrived in full force. After a late start to the day, I’m sitting at my desk sipping sparkling water and dying for something with more kick. Having significantly cut caffeine and sugary beverages from my diet over the past few months, I always struggle with the decision between grabbing a sugary drink vs. a caffeinated one in the event that I really want one. On a mission to fit in some pants, I figured I owe you this.

Our office has an obscene number of drink options which regularly sends my beverage ADD reeling. I started this internal debate half an hour ago by allowing myself to choose from two options – a 7-UP or a Swiss Miss.

Of course, simply deciding what to drink is never that easy. So I made a chart lining up all the stats for my two drinks. In going for the healthier of options, Swiss Miss won out on nearly everything, except sodium. And damn, that seems like a lot of sodium.

102 cal, 0g total fat, 30mg sodium, 26g total carbs, 25g sugars, 0g protein

Swiss Miss
90 cal, 2g total fat, 130mg sodium, 16g total carbs, 8g sugars, 1g protein

Well that’s just really freaking confusing. I thought I was going to make a decision and appease my inner sugar fiend while making steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Mid-pout, that beverage ADD kicked in and I remembered the ridiculous selection of Tazo teas in the break room. From what I can find across the web, those suckers are zeroes across the nutrition facts board.

Tazo Teas
0 cal, 0g total fat, 0mg sodium, 0g carbs, 0g sugars, 0g protein

Well, that seems like a pretty good deal, so I’ve traded the sugars of the other drinks for a light caffeine bump.

The water-based drink that isn’t water seems to be working out ok. Berryblossom White is the newly discovered favorite – “a delicate white tea with tinges of huckleberry and white cranberry.” My eyes are open and I’m finally able to focus on one thing long enough to write this blog post. Not too shabby…for a Monday.