All the big (secret) news

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Our lives have changed in some dramatically huge ways in the last few months that I – completely legit – cannot even, legally, tell you.

To emphasize the weight of this – Aaron is a Special Forces Veteran. On a scale of everyday news to top secret mission, I would actually have to have him kill you if I told you.



It’s no secret that we’re engaged and plan/hope to be married very soon. With the whirlwind of anti-planning and coordinating that goes along with that – I hadn’t even considered the barrage of all-consuming tasks that could compete with it. To date, we have:

  • Big wedding news
  • A big wedding reception
  • Big life news
  • Big test-passing news
  • Huge travel news
  • Big summer plans
  • Big house plans
  • Big career news
  • New business news

It’s all-around insanity in the almost-Crossley household, really.

If you’re looking at that list – which I’m nearly certain you’re not (no one reads this blog anymore! Ha!) – you’re probably trying to read into some of those things. I assure you, you shouldn’t. The true point to be made is that it’s a big year for us. Huge, in fact. We hit the ground running and are super excited for an all-out sprint later this Spring.

While I’m never a fan of the vagueblog, I need you to trust me on this one. I’m writing, tons, that will eventually reveal the entire plot of this insane story – but, for now, if your eyes have wandered here, I encourage you to keep them peeled. We’ve got…well…big news.