Building a Brand Kit from an Old Logo

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Many business owners come to us thinking they’re ready to start from scratch. They want brand new logos, a fresh look and feel, new website and branding materials. Rarely, though, do you have to start from ground zero to create a beautiful new brand. For proof of this, you have to look at our most recent update for Kirk Brothers Auctioneers. For Kirk Brothers, we built a full, new brand kit from an old logo. That’s it — an old, pixelated logo was our inspiration.

BEFORE! Kirk Brothers Auctioneers logo


Kirk Brothers Auctioneers started in 1948 in Southwest Kansas. The company continues to thrive and is adding some new online services to their line up. To celebrate, they wanted a fresh identity that could be carried through their website. The catch: they wanted it to incorporate the fuzzy print logo they’ve used for years.

Being a unique spin on our typical process, we thought this one would be best showcased in one of our great time lapse clips. In this video, you’ll see how I start with the former logo, trace it and do quite a bit of clean up to make sure it will reproduce well for any use case moving forward. Then, I create new logotype, a fresh color palette, brand type and textures to create a complete brand kit.

Kirk Brothers Auctioneers Brand Kit by @marketmox

The new logos and art are currently being incorporated into a gorgeous website that is set to launch later this Fall, but you can see all in play now on the company’s Facebook page.

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