Finding a New Logo Mark

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Jumping right into projects in the new digs, we very lightly rebranded The site was in need of a new logo and as the new designer, that totally fell in my court. The task marked my first design for a comparison shopping tool but I was a born shopper and was excited for the challenge. Armed with the excitement of having just started the new job, my mind was more than flooded with ideas.


I started by working my way through some sketches and ultimately settled on a price tag form with location pinpoint inspiration (I’m guessing my mind might still be a little stuck in GPS-mode). One of the biggest challenges is the wide range of product that can be searched via the site – getting too product specific in the logo would likely alienate part of the audience. The concept worked perfectly to reflect the idea of finding the price of pretty much anything for pretty much any shopper.


Moving into Illustrator, I put a good chunk of time into perfecting the vector mark. Then, the type – the “fi” ligature needed some customization to work nicely as part of the logo. Then, the color palette. I stuck with cool tones – trustworthy blue/teal combos to set a calm tone and clean backdrop for products. You can see some of the thought process starting in the lower left of the image below and following in a counter-clockwise pattern. No, that doesn’t make any logical sense when it comes to setting up design files, but hey, I’m creative.


The mark may very well go down as one of my favorites. In the bustle of the day-to-day, it’s not always easy to slow yourself down and give design all the attention it deserves, but when you do, not only is it a blast, but the result is well worth it. Looking forward to the next.