Refocus in 2021

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If I’m perfectly honest, motherhood really threw my life for a wildly unexpected loop. My career. My passions. My hobbies. My friends. Everything I thought I knew about who I was in the world and what it was that I was creating and bringing to the table – especially work-wise – suddenly changed.

My son is now 16 months old and we’re just a few short weeks away from meeting baby #2. While I could have never imagined that it would take well over a year for my mind to begin to recover from the disruption of new mom-dom – here we are.

There are a handful of things I’m still insanely excited to be involved in:

  1. Helping businesses grow
    Man, that really hasn’t changed. In all of the conversations I’ve had lately, I consistently see all passion return the minute we start talking about how to make the business grow. Whether we’re talking about small local shops, tech start ups, new apps, big ideas or simple concepts – figuring out the next steps and paths to success are where my brain really takes off.
  2. Thinking bigger and thinking beyond
    Innovating. Looking for new opportunities. Planning around the pivot. Since a global pandemic hit in early 2020, I’ve watched business after business react and respond. Together, we can navigate the new landscape while also identifying paths to long-term growth and success.
  3. Building communities around female-run small business
    New websites. New logos. Expansion advice. Brainstorming. We’ve done it all lately – and I’ve loved every minute. Making the shift from being at the heart of Kansas City to living in a rural community outside of Lawrence – I’ve seen huge opportunities for female business owners to rally together in ways that traditionally aren’t done. I’m insanely excited to pursue these communities and connections in the new year – especially as vaccines for COVID-19 are more readily available and in-person gathering is easier to accommodate!

As we step into 2021, I’m excited to take the next steps in these pursuits. I am so excited for what’s ahead in the businesses that I’ve worked with – and, with any luck, we’ll be able to expand that good fortune to many others in the projects we have coming up. Let’s think bigger together!